About RSPL Group

Who We Are

RSPL Group is a Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) diversified conglomerate committed to value for money propositions & credited with several innovations over the last 3 decades. The sagacity to weave its business around consumer needs has conferred RSPL Group with a distinct value and identity. Efficient capital structure, cutting edge technology, operational discipline, and a widespread distribution network, have together attributed to enhance RSPL Group and enabled the organization to deliver value to consumers. We have a strong presence in fabric care, personal care, and home care products for over 31 years of existence. In the laundry market, Ghari detergent (RSPL brand) is the largest brand with approx. 20% market share.

The driving force at RSPL Group is to understand profound changes in product technology and consumer needs to make our brands the way consumer desires them to be. We believe that the only constant in the history of mankind is evolution and so it is our endeavor to give superior brand experience and the most superior value for consumer's money. Our undeterred pursuit for evolution has led the company to progress on the path of value during our growth.

What We Do

RSPL manufactures detergent powder and cakes, which are sold under the Ghari brand. The company has 21 detergent manufacturing units across Uttar Pradesh (UP), Madhya Pradesh (MP), Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Bihar, Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra. RSPL also has a toilet-soap manufacturing unit in Haridwar (Uttarakhand) which commenced production in fiscal 2008. Additionally, the company has its own units in Greater Noida and Kanpur for manufacturing packaging material, one unit for manufacturing of AOS in Dhar (MP), one unit in Haridwar for manufacturing of home and personal care products, and one unit in Kasna, Greater Noida for hygiene care products. RSPL also has 5 wind power plants with installed capacity of 50.1 megawatts (MW).

We live in fast paced ever changing world. These changes affect our lives and lifestyles and therefore it is crucial to learn to be resilient. Therefore, in an effort to backward integration, RSPL has set up a plant in the Devbhumi, Dwarka District of Gujarat to manufacture soda ash (LSA) in Gujarat with an investment of over Rs 40 billion. The plant has been commissioned in the current Financial Year 19-20.The company is using the standard Solvay process of M/s. NIOCHIM (Ukraine) with dry lime technology. LSA is the main raw material and contributes around 37% and 10% to the total raw material cost of producing detergent powder and detergent cake, respectively.

Our History

RSPL Limited (formerly known as Rohit Surfactants Pvt Ltd) was established in 1988 in Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) by late Mr. Dayal Das and his sons, Mr. Murli Dhar and Mr. Bimal Kumar. The company was renamed as RSPL Pvt Ltd and further reconstituted as a public limited company in August 2011 as RSPL Ltd. During the past decade, RSPL’s promoters acquired several detergent manufacturing companies. In the year 2006, four companies−Kanpur Detergents & Chemicals Pvt Ltd, Rahul Detergents Pvt. Ltd., Singh Detergents Pvt Ltd and Rohit Soaps & Detergents Pvt Ltd were amalgamated with RSPL. In 2008, the promoters amalgamated holding company, Ghari Industries Pvt Ltd, and its subsidiary, Calcutta Detergents Pvt. Ltd. with RSPL and hived-off RSPL’s real estate division to Nimmi Build Tech Pvt. Ltd. (earlier known as Poonam Developers & Infrastructure India Pvt Ltd). Further, in 2011 RSPL hived off its Leather & Footwear division to Leayan Global Pvt Ltd.

Key Achievements

Ghadi Detergent brand is one of the fastest growing brands in the FMCG market. The RSPL Group stands at approx Rs 6000 Crore today in-spite of competition, is making great strides in the Indian Detergent Industry and is currently ranked as largest brand in its category with approx 20 % market share and is striving to better its position by constant endeavor. A family business which started around 1970 for manufacturing and marketing of oil soap with a turnover of a couple of Lacs turned into a corporate in the year 1988 by entering in manufacture of Detergents.

With the passage of time, by adopting latest technology and using premium quality raw materials, it developed a product under the brand name 'Ghadi' to the liking of the masses. The Company then diversified into the dish wash bar segment and launched "XPERT". Further to the success, the company entered into toilet soap segment and launched toilet soap under the brand name "VENUS", which is available in various variants. The Company also through its brand Pro-ease is focusing on female hygiene segment to leverage low penetration in India.

RSPL Limited has achieved a turnover of more than Rupees 4500 Crores during 2018-19 from a mere turnover of Rupees 1.39 Crores in the year 1988-89 with an average growth rate of 15 to 20%.

Our Core Ideology

To be a part of consumer's daily life by giving them best value for money through well researched and ever evolving excellent products

  • Consumer Centricity
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Integrity
  • Thorough Planning and Execution