1. How has been the journey of the brand Ghadi? What was your vision for the company when you started it?

The detergent brand Ghadi was founded by Murlidhar&Bimal Kumar Gyanchandani in 1987. The company has crossed the 2000 crore mark in sales at the end of fiscal year 2011. The company has expanded into Bihar, MP & Punjab along with UP which accounts for a third of the total consumer products market and in the past 3 years Ghadi has added 10 states to its distribution. The brand is now present in 19 states and from regional brand has gone national.

2. What is your success mantra?

We always strive to provide our consumers best of product experience at an appropriate price thereby providing them best value for money and we are always in process of improving the performance of our products to ensure that each day the value of consumers’ money increases.

3. Region-wise, which are markets are you very strong in?

We are presently strong in North and West India

4. What is your marketing and advertising strategy? What are the key media you rely on and why?

On the advertising and promotion front, RSPL Limited has attempted to prove that you can be innovative without splurging. The company spends 2% of sales and participates in almost all media from exhibitions, melas to print &TV commercials to reach masses of all income groups.

5. Your take on the Indian consumer mindset? How have you implemented that insight into your brand?

We believe that Indian consumers are one of the discerning buyers in the world. They expect performance without a doubt but at the prices where it shall give value for money.

6. What related businesses have you got into over these years? And which new categories you want to get into and why?

The company has diversified into dish wash segment with Xpert dish wash bar and toilet soap with a Venus brand. However the promoter group have interests in real estate, leather and dairy business through other corporate entities namely Nimmi Buildtech, Leayan Global and Namaste India.